GZT Series Vibrating Feeder

GZT Series Vibrating Feeder is designed and manufactured by absorbing Sweden and Finland technology and adopting the vibrating motor made in Japan to produce vibrating force. It is used to feed materials into the primary crusher homogeneously, meanwhile because of the bar-shaped screen, it can screen away soil contained in the raw material and increase the capacity of the primary crushing. It is especially suitable for feeding materials into the primary crusher in hydropower field, building material and mental ores.

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Products Information

Working Principle

GZT Series Vibrating Feeder is composed of feeding body, vibrator, spring support, gear and so on. The feeding body adopts vibrating motor as the vibrating source, makes materials continuously flow forward and achieves the purpose of transmitting material.

Application Range

Vibrating Feeder can feed the massive and powdery material homogeneously, timely and continuously from silos to the receptacle device in work flow. In aggregate production line, it can feed material in crushing machines continuously and do riddle screen, widely used in metallurgy, coal, ore dressing, building material, chemical industry, grinding material and other crushing and screen combination plants.

Performance Features

1.The series of product have a great variety and can be specially and independently designed and manufactured according to customers' requirements.

2.All types of feeder can control the feeding material quantity automatically or by hand.

3.Smooth vibration, reliable work and longer service life.

4.Be able to adjust vibrating force, change and control the flow at any time with convenient and stable adjustment.

5.Use the vibrating motor to produce vibration force, low noise, low power consumption, excellent adjusting performance and no phenomenon of rushing material.

6.Simple structure, reliable operation and convenient adjustment and installation.

7.Light weight, small volume and convenient maintenance. Using the body of closed structure can prevent dust contamination.