Steel slag processing

Steel Slag is the residue appears during steel-making process, and takes up 15%~20% of the total output. In other words, we get 0.2 ton slag out of every single ton of iron. Slag is mainly the composition of the Calcium, Magnesium, Silicon, Ferrum, Aluminum, Manganese, Phosphorus oxidate(which come from molten iron), drag-in impurities, fluxing medium(such as limestone, fluorite and silica), oxidant, desulfurization product and corroded brasque material .
Shanghai Sanme has been studying on slag-processing program in order to make the maximum of slag and practice energy saving and emission reduction since the adequate use of resources and zero-emission has became a realistic problem.
Steel Slag, in China, is usually returned to blast or fritting furnace becoming dissolvant instead of limestone in company internal-recycling, or used as highway, railway subgrade and cement raw material, or applied to soil amelioration.
However, the very first task of slag processing is the crushing and screening work. Shanghai Sanme is a professional manufacturer of crusher and screen for iron ore and slag processing, and are able to provide the customers with slag processing solution with the capacity of 200 tph. Sanme applied advanced impact crusher and hydraulic cone crusher to the recycling of solid waste to the problem of recycling and energy conservation. And the operation rate can be increased by 89% using the two devices together. After processing, slag, the only substitution of iron ore, can be used for steel-making. In this case, there will be a great opportunity for the improvement of slag recycling as well as the development of slag processing crusher and mill.